Baking with Naglaa

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Join this session to watch how Naglaa bakes Baklava and learn some tips to try it at home yourself!

Wednesday 17th March, 2 – 3pm 

Places available: unlimited 

Zoom link:

Meeting ID 373 175 9220

If you would like to bake with Naglaa (you can do it on the day, or just watch and try it in your own time later), you can find all the ingredients below. We can send you 5 pounds in the post for ingredients if this is helpful.

  • A pack of filo thin dough / filo pastry dough ( could be found in continental supermarkets or Abu Baker)
  • 200 gm whale nut or pistachio
  • 1 cup of butter/ ghee
  • half cup of veg oil
  • for sugar syrup; 2 cups sugar + 1.5 water
March 17th, 2021 14:00 through 15:00
Phone: 07927 115 574