Breakfast with Hala - 9am, Monday 21st June 2021

Breakfast with Hala

Join Hala in a live cookery demonstration as she shows you how to prepare a traditional Palestinian breakfast

A great start to your week!

The session will be via Zoom and there will be plenty of time for any questions.

The link is and the meeting ID is: 886 7186 9600

"Here are the ingredients for my cooking session for two recipes. I am planning to prepare both.


  • a can of chickpeas in brine

  • lemon juice

  • salt

  • tahini


  • Za’atar from any continental shop ( it has different names and brands: Yaffa Za’atar, Palestinian thyme, or Durra Green Thyme) or Asda

  • Olive oil

  • Mini tortilla.  

June 21st, 2021 09:00 through 10:00