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Referral Form

We ask the same questions of everyone referred to LASSN. Please do not be offended if some of them do not apply to you

Details of the Individual being Referred

Please specify the country code
If you ask for an interpreter, LASSN will instruct an interpreter to contact you so that we can arrange our first meeting.
If you don’t know the exact date, please put 1st January for the year of arrival

Managing Risks and Staying Safe

It is really important to us that you are safe when you are getting help from LASSN. It is also important you know what information is shared about you by your referral agency and LASSN.

We will keep all of your information confidential, and will only discuss this with people who need to know – which is usually the volunteer you are matched with, and any agencies you allow us to speak with. We ask all the people we work with the same questions. Please do not be offended if they do not apply to you.

Note: Please include any issues of violence, involvement with criminal justice, mental or physical health problems, substance use, domestic abuse, exploitation etc

Referrer Details

What happens next?

When this form is submitted, it is emailed to the Volunteers Managers at LASSN. You will also receive a copy via email. A Volunteer Manager will be in touch as soon as they can, to let you know what is happening with your referral.